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Celine Dion Removes R. Kelly Duet ‘I’m Your Angel’ From Streaming Services

Celine Dion smiles onstage in a white gown.

Celine Dion has pulled her collaboration with disgraced singer R. Kelly from all major streaming services, as reported by TMZ. Dion became the latest performer to distance herself from R. Kelly, who stands accused of abusing numerous underage girls over a series of years. With the release of the explosive documentary Surviving R. Kelly, celebrities are distancing themselves from the ‘I Believe I Can Fly’ singer.

Dion and R. Kelly collaborated together back in 1998, when R. Kelly was riding high on the success of his contribution to the Space Jam soundtrack. Their song, ‘I’m Your Angel’ appeared on Dion’s holiday album, These Are Special Times. Although Kelly was responsible for writing the track, it never appeared on any of his albums.

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