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Kate Middleton Reveals That Prince Louie Is Already Practicing His Royal Wave

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge greets family members of personnel at the Akrotiri Royal Air Force base during an official visit to meet with Serving personnel, families living on the base, wider station personnel and members of the local community on December 5, 2018 in Akrotiri, Cyprus.

It looks like the youngest royals are growing up fast, at least based on a discovery made during a visit by Prince William and Kate Middleton to the RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus on Wednesday for meeting with the families of service members. While talking to one of her fans and their baby daughter in Cyprus, Middleton revealed that 7-month-old Prince Louie has already begun learning how to wave, based on a report by E! News.

Once Louie has mastered his wave he can join his three-year-old sister Princess Charlotte, who debuted her own royal wave back in October as she greeted onlookers at the wedding of Princess Eugenie, according to a report by E! News.

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