Petition To Save ‘The Expanse’ After Syfy Cancellation Hits 75,000 Signatures, Fans Appeal Directly To Amazon

Petition To Save 'The Expanse' After SyFy Cancelation Hits 75,000 Signatures, Fans Take Appeal Directly To Amazon

The efforts to save The Expanse after the space drama was canceled by Syfy continue to grow, with a petition to save the show now hitting 75,000 signatures and fans taking some creative measures to get the attention of Amazon.

Lost amid a number of other high-profile cancellations was the axing of the popular and highly acclaimed show from Syfy, which was at one point the centerpiece of the network’s return to its science-fiction roots. But fans of The Expanse took immediate action to help save the show, including a petition that has quickly reached 75,000 signatures.

As the petition noted, the show has good international ratings and a pre-existing relationship with Netflix (which holds the show’s international rights) that could help save it after being canceled.

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