Kobe Bryant Mentions ‘Couple Of Great Lanes’ Lakers Could Take This Summer

Kobe Bryant on Lakers offseason

Despite failing to enter the Western Conference Playoffs for the fifth consecutive seasons, the future looks bright for the young Los Angeles Lakers team. Joining Chris Mannix and Caron Butler on Fox Sports Radio (h/t Lakers Nation), Lakers legend Kobe Bryant said he loves what he’s currently seeing with the young players and how they managed to compete against powerhouse teams in the league. Bryant also mentioned a “couple of great lanes” the Lakers could take in the upcoming offseason.

“It depends on what they want to do. It depends what options are available to them. But I’ve got to tell you, man, they have a couple great lanes to go down. Whether it’s free agency, or whether it’s developing the young talent that they currently have, they’re in a really, really great position.”

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