George RR Martin Takes Drastic Measures To Finish ‘The Winds Of Winter’, Leaves LiveJournal For ‘ASOIAF’ Book

George R.R. Martin said he finds it offensive when people make stories about his health.

It is truly an end of an era. George R.R. Martin, who is undoubtedly the most famous LiveJournal, has decided to abandon the blog he has faithfully updated since 2005. Not surprisingly, fans believe the A Song of Ice and Fire author has left Not A Blog so he can concentrate on his most important task: Finishing The Winds of Winter.

People have been following George R.R. Martin’s constant updates on Not A Blog for almost 13 years. After all, the writer was known for offering updates about his work on LiveJournal. Some theories about The Winds of Winter have even started from the comments section in some of Martin’s entries. Unfortunately, as Nerdist has pointed out, the most recent entry on Martin’s LiveJournal is an announcement that Not A Blog is moving to his official website.

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