WWE Canceled Major Gimmick Change For The Undertaker Before Match With John Cena, According to ‘DirtySheets’

The Undertaker will Wrestle Another Match in Saudi Arabia

In the weeks leading up to WrestleMania 34, WWE officials made the decision that The Undertaker did not need to appear on WWE television before the actual event. As a result, the WWE Universe speculated from almost every angle and some fans weren’t sure if The Deadman would even appear at WrestleMania. At the event, The Undertaker made his in-ring return, but some huge changes were made before his appearance.

According to a report from DirtySheets, WWE officials were selling merchandise that featured The Phenom as a mix between “The Deadman” and “The American Badass” gimmicks he’s used over his WWE career. It has been said that WWE officials were planning for Kid Rock to play The Undertaker out to the ring for the match with John Cena, but that idea of scrapped after Kid Rock received a lot of negative media attention.

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